Ways to Learn What's New at Alcor

Alcor has several ways to follow what's new, each with different publication frequencies and content.

1. Get free occasional Alcor announcements by email. To receive Alcor announcements by email send a blank email message to alcornews with the single word subscribe in the subject line. The Alcor News server will send an immediate email response asking you to confirm that you wish to subscribe. Reply to the message, and that's all you have to do. You will not be flooded with email, and it is not a discussion list.

Notes about Alcor announcements by email: (a) The Alcor announcements server will protect your email address from spambots that search the net for addresses. Your identity will remain confidential. Your email address will not be reused or abused in any way. (b) This is not a discussion list. You cannot send feedback. The list exists only to provide you with occasional special bulletins from Alcor. (c) Anyone can be a recipient; you don't have to be an Alcor member.

2. Visit Alcor on Facebook.

3. Read Alcor's bi-monthly Cryonics magazine. Paper subscriptions are included with Alcor membership or Alcor Associate Membership. You can also read back issues online in the Cryonics magazine archives (approximately one year after publication date) going back to 1981. If you have any questions about ordering individual paper copies or subscriptions, please contact the editor of Cryonics Magazine: .

4. Visit the Alcor Cryonics YouTube Channel for the latest Alcor and cryonics videos.

5. Visit the online Alcor News Blog. It is updated frequently to provide the most timely information to our readers. Alcor News articles are also archived.

6. Subscribe to the Alcor News RSS feed. It brings the latest Alcor news directly to your desktop as it is posted. This is the fastest way to get Alcor News. If you are new to RSS, see What is RSS? If you would prefer to have Alcor News items emailed to you as they are posted, you can input your email address on this page at feedmyinbox.com. This feed is managed solely by the feedmyinbox.com service and Alcor will not have access to your email address.

7. Read the Alcor Member Forums. Anyone can read these, but only Alcor members can register to post messages in the forum discussions.

8. Check What's New on the Alcor Website, a log of changes to Alcor's main website.

9. Check our Upcoming Events page.