Some news stories about Alcor:

July 19, 2020, from actress Katee Sackhoff
Video: Should I FREEZE MYSELF when I die?

July 7, 2020, CNET
Cryonics, brain preservation and the weird science of cheating death (with video)
Frozen in time: Inside the facility preserving the dead through cryonics (with photo gallery)

March 2, 2020, ABC 15 Phoenix
Cryopreservation of pets: Will science bring them back?

May 31, 2019, Gizmodo
California Man Becomes the First 'Death With Dignity' Patient to Undergo Cryonic Preservation

April 25, 2019, Fox 10 Scottsdale
Cryonics facility in Scottsdale aims to allow people to live forever, once technology allows for it

March 29, 2019, Body and Soul
What really happens if you choose to “freeze yourself” when you die

December 24, 2018, News
Report Finds a Strong Relationship Between Crypto-Advocates and Life Extension

October 8, 2018, News
Can Clues to Bitcoin’s Earliest Mysteries Be Found in a Cryopreserved Brain?

January 6, 2018, New York Post
Scientists could one day make humans immortal

September 25, 2017, ABC 15 Arizona (Phoenix)
Scottsdale lab freezes bodies in hopes of bringing you back from the dead (with video)

August 14, 2017, Mirror UK
Woman cryogenically frozen after dying of lung cancer as husband hopes she can be resurrected by future technology

July 21, 2017, h+ Magazine
Persistence of Long-Term Memory in Vitrified and Revived Simple Animals (article from Cryonics magazine)

March 31, 2017, CNBC
Google's co-founders and other Silicon Valley billionaires are trying to live forever

May 23, 2017, Nature World News
Scientists Figure Out Way to Quickly and Safely Thaw Cryopreserved Tissue — How Does It Work?

Mentions Alcor’s use of vitrification

April 26, 2016, CNBC
Meet the company offering a chance at immortality for $200,000

February 24, 2016, Tucson News Now
Scottsdale-based cryopreservation facility doubling size to meet demand

September 12, 2015, New York Times
A Dying Young Woman’s Hope in Cryonics and a Future

Summer, 2015, California Magazine
Into the Deep Freeze: What Kind of Person Chooses to Get Cryonically Preserved?

June 4, 2015, GlobalPost
Meet the Thai parents who cryonically froze their toddler in the hope she might live again

April 28, 2015, Fox 10 Phoenix
Inside Alcor: the valley based cryogenics [SIC] facility

April 16, 2015, Motherboard
The Girl Who Would Live Forever

November 28, 2014, Motherboard
The Art of Not Dying

September 10, 2014, Arizona Republic
Cryonics believers alive and well in Scottsdale

August 28, 2014, Wired
Bitcoin’s Earliest Adopter Is Cryonically Freezing His Body to See the Future

August 26, 2014, The Atlantic
For $200,000, This Lab Will Swap Your Body's Blood for Antifreeze

August 22, 2014, BBC
Cryopreservation: “I freeze people to cheat death”

July 1, 2013,
Exploring Cryonics

June 6, 2013, BuzzFeed
Inside The Immortality Business

September 17, 2012, Phoenix New Times
Best of Phoenix 2012: Tour Alcor Life Extension Foundation with Max More
Best Of Award: Best Second Chance 2012 - Alcor Life Extension Foundation

April 2012, Phoenix Magazine
Death (un) Ltd.

March 19, 2012, Canadian Medical Association Journal
Spending eternity in liquid nitrogen

February 2, 2012,
The economic problems with cryogenically freezing your body

June 30, 2010, Fox Business
Frozen in time: How life insurance can make you immortal

April 25, 2010, Denver Post
Psychologist believed the future can still be his after death

April 4, 2010, Colorado Springs Gazette
Cryonics lab Alcor takes low-key approach

November 7, 2009, Guardian UK
The Dad's Army of British cryonics

April, 2009, Phoenix Magazine
Obama Futurama: Could the Nation's New "Hope" Mantra Help the Business of Preserving Bodies?

December 16, 2008, East Valley Tribune
Some banking on cryonically freezing after death

December 8, 2008,
With medical advances, many put faith in freezing

November 14, 2008, Discover Magazine Blogs
Eleventh Hour: They Only Freeze the Heads!

November 5, 2008, The Institution of Engineering and Technology
A science without a deadline

April 9, 2008, The Scotsman
Price of trying to cheat death: £40,000

April 6, 2008, ABC News
Cryonics: Staying Alive a Little Longer

February 14, 2008, The Guardian, UK
Patients who are frozen in time

August-September, 2007, Arizona Business Magazine
Waiting to Awake

March 2, 2007, First Science
Suspending Life: The Science of Cryonics

July 3, 2006, East Valley Tribune
Cryonics trend seeing entire families sign up

January 28, 2006, Montreal Gazette
Cryonauts put fortunes on ice

January 25, 2006: Good Morning America (ABC)
Couple Opt for Cryogenics [SIC] for Themselves and Their Dogs (includes video)

January 21, 2006: Wall Street Journal
A Cold Calculus Leads Cryonauts To Put Assets on Ice

October 6, 2005,
Cryonics: Cheating Death

February 13, 2005, New York Times
Please Don't Call the Customers Dead

October 15, 2004, Phoenix Business Journal
PR push, expansion boosting Alcor's preservation option

February 3, 2003, Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service
Cryonicists know they face uncertain odds, but put faith in science

December 6, 2002, Small Times
Cryonics conference brings out nanotech's extreme optimists

August 7, 2002, Philadelphia Enquirer
Techies go for ice-cold afterlife

July 28, 2002, USA Today
Vitrification could keep tissue safe during the big chill

November 2001, Popular Mechanics
Cryonics Gets Hot