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Added July 20, 2020:
Video: Should I FREEZE MYSELF when I die? Katee Sackhoff Tours Alcor.

Added July 1:
Cryonics Magazine 1st and 2nd Quarters 2020
Mathematics and Modeling in Cryonics [PDF]

Added January 14, 2020:
Maybe you can take it with you. New information about:
Multi-Investor Future Income Trust and Asset Preservation Trust

Added January 10, 2020:
Human Cryopreservation Procedures. 711 page book.

Added December 31, 2019:
Cryonics Magazine 4th Quarter 2019

Added September 26, 2019:
Cryonics Magazine 3rd Quarter 2019

Added September 3, 2019:
Alcor Case Report A-1547 Norma Peterson (PDF)